• Welcome to the Żetonium Project

    An Application-Focused Blockchain designed for the tracking and monetization of Digital Assets

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  • The Żetonium Blockchain

    Performance, security, and scalability

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    Żetonium's consensus algorithm and off-chain data storage enable enterprise-grade transaction throughput. The minimal fee nature of Żetonium facilitates aggregation and monetization of digital assets in a sustainable manner, benefitting all parties involved.

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    Interoperable with

    Currencies & Storage

    Żetonium's bridging mechanism provides for integrations with countless other cryptocurrencies using a state-of-the-art sharding process. The Żetonium ledger can monitor digital assets kept within virtually any storage provider.

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    State-of-the-Art encryption algorithms ensure that Żetonium's hash is always protected. Due to the pluggability of Żetonium's consensus algorithm, any new encryption techniques can be easily implemented and adopted. Furthermore, asymmetric encryption ensures that network messages can always be secure.

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    Developer Friendly

    As any application-focused platform should, Żetonium has kept developers at the forefront in design considerations. This mindset has led to an easy-to-integrate set of APIs that developers will love. edzLabs, LLC has sponsored several applications that demonstrate the functionalities that developers will enjoy.

  • What is a Digital Asset?

    The Monetization of Data Ownership

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    Digital Asset


    a digital resource owned by a person or company, regarded as having value or usefulness


    A Digital Asset can be defined as granularly as the use-case or application requires. It might be anything from an Electronic Medical Record to a field within that EMR, or even a self-enforcing off-chained defined contract. Digital Assets can truly be any sort of a virtually representable resource.

  • Proof-of-Loyalty

    Żetonium uses a novel consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Loyalty (PoL). Rather than rewarding centralized energy consumption (PoW), Żetonium rewards usage of the network.

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    The Żetonium Project believes that those who use the network the most, should ensure the network's security, as well as get rewarded for it.


    Voting eligibility is based on an account's loyalty to the network calculated using metrics correlated to the account's transaction throughput. Using the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant Commit Protocol, Eligibility Value to vote is increased as both a user's transaction count and average transaction size increases.


    Furthermore, any account that intends to be considered for a voting round must stake a voting license for the consensus term, with the possibility of losing that stake upon counterfeiting transactions.


    To benefit our users, the team has made several APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available, so users may easily participate in and understand the voting process.

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  • The Distributed Application Platform

    for the Information Economy

    Designed specifically for the exchange of digital assets

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    Dual Blockchain Environment

    Żetonium employs two currencies, Gold Żetons and Silver Żetons, to maintain a stable, non-speculative application environment

    • Silver Żetons enable micro-payments for digital assets
    • Gold Żetons act as the gateway to the Żetonium Network and will be available for purchase through selected cryptocurrencies or fiat

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    Non-Copy Share Access

    Żetonium applications can track, exchange, and monetize digital assets... all without the need to copy and store data between parties

    • Using the Żetonium ledger, application partners can build applications that provide view access to underlying digital assets, without the application needing to store the data. Partners can provide meaningful analytics without jeopardizing their customers' data.
    • Track entire data stores or individual partitions, in turn allowing for federated access

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    Storage Agnostic

    The Żetonium Ledger can securely track rights to digital assets across providers, without the need for database modifications

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    Smart Licenses

    Żetonium enables customized data rights management through its immutable ledger and dual currency economy

    • Grant customized access rights to digital assets
    • Revoke rights from those who no longer should be permitted to view your data
    • Track usage of your data
    • Monetize access rights using Silver Żetons

  • Applications

    edzLabs, LLC has partnered with several distributed applications that show the power of the Żetonium Project

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    A timeline based app that brings together user health information across providers, departments, and healthcare systems

    Recare creates an environment for caregivers and patients to exchange medical data in a more efficient and interoperable manner. When a provider deposits a digital asset regarding a patient’s office visit, that provider may choose to sell ownership of the asset to the patient. In the case of the digital asset being private to the patient, once ownership of the asset is transferred the provider will no longer be able to view that asset without requesting a Smart License from the patient. The patient can distribute Smart Licenses to view the data, as seen fit by individual cases.

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    A rich, HIPAA compliant media sharing tool for personalized medical information between providers, patients, and personal communities

    Reactions records and tags patient reactions to medical procedures and medications. The application focuses on aligning the incentives of both caregivers and patients, while simultaneously creating an actionable data pool to benefit society. Recorded reactions may be positive or adverse reactions to a procedure or medication. Currently, caregivers are not incentivized to make certain claims regarding medical reactions due to time consumption and risk of legal action. Similarly, patients do not have an efficient platform to input this potentially valuable and community building data.

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    The Żetonium Copyright Application empowers users to apply Creative Commons licenses and copyrights to any photo stored locally on their iOS device

    The Żetonium Copyright Application enables a user to apply a copyright to any photograph under the creative commons standard. The user may choose to apply a creative commons copyright watermark to the actual digital asset (e.g. a photo) This deposit transaction, is then recorded on Żetonium.

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    Telehealth Resource Program (TRP)

    A business intelligence software for digital health operations in healthcare systems by Telehealth Management

    TRP measures the clinical and financial impact of digital health programs for healthcare systems. In order to enable this analysis, the application integrates with multiple data sources including billing systems, electronic medical records, and digital health platforms. However, to fully trace the patient journey, TRP also requires gathering clinical data from remote hospitals. HIPAA compliance and security concerns have hindered access to such data. By integrating FHIR wIth DASE, TRP now has a simple solution to let hospitals/providers deposit clinical encounters as digital assets and grant corresponding licenses for patient information back to TRP.

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